Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I think of only myself

In an argument, I think of proving my point rather than thinking of a solution.

In a discussion, I think of getting respect rather than sharing knowledge.

In a fight, I think of kicking the other guy rather than his pain.

In a train, I think of getting that window seat, rather than giving it to someone.

While learning, I think of getting that first position, rather than allowing other to improve with me.

The era has come, yes it is 'Kalyug'.

Ram Rajya, when Ram due to some uncertain situation was sent to the jungle for 14 years, leaving his kingdom to younger brother Bharat without any disgrace.

And Bharat just for sake of completing the responsibility accepted the Kingdom but never sitting on the throne his elder brother was entitled, instead, putting elder brother's shoes on the throne to show his loyalty.

That Ram Rajya, is long gone.

Now, we think of ourselves, we think of winning the race, we don't care about the others in the race. We just bury them under our feet.

Now, there is no turning back, humanity is just counting its last days, its going to end soon or it has already been dead.

Solution: Try to find your inner-self, when you find it, ask yourself where the success lies, being selfish or bring conscious about others.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rules are for Stupid People

Let's think on it deeply, what are "rules"?

Rules are boundaries created for people who don't understand.

Example: Suppose if someone very popular died, someone who was very loving to all. That person has created a place in heart of all people across all the world. So someone decided to create a WhatsApp group to remember moments of that person's lives. Imagine in that group if someone posted a funny video of a dancing monkey.

Won't everyone in the group be angry, they will create a rule for those person who don't understand the purpose of the group, who are not capable to understand that person's work for all human kind.

So rules are those, who don't understand.

Otherwise wise people doesn't need rules, they respect the boundaries because they know the importance of the purpose behind it.

Try to know the purpose you will himself realize the value and why we shouldn't break the rules

You himself can make "Bharat Swatch", if you know the importance of the purpose behind it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fasting or Upvas

Google 'Upvas', it will show you images of food generally eaten on the day of 'Upvas'. But really is that the meaning of Upvas, to restrict some food items and only eat pre-defined list of food items, pre-defined list varies for each religion, caste, sub-caste etc.

Some people like fasting because they like eating fasting food, some do it for religious purpose, some do it to make their wish come true, while some do because they want to get slim.

What is my purpose of fasting, what is my thoughts on fasting, my thoughts may be different form the rest of you all but I think my thoughts are trending towards become a hermit.

Imagine you're walking on the road alone, you see a shop where your favorite food item is served, it smells tasty, you feel like going and eating it. What do you do?

You go and eat, simple enough.

But if you were to see from my eyes, it starts here, when you see that shop, when you see that thing, when your heart pounds for it, just think, is it my need or my desire, What is my desire, things that I like but don't really need it, I can live without them. What is my need, things that I want and I can't live without them.

Off-course you can't live without the things you desire but can they be reduced, we're animals trying to be human, we have tasted blood 'i.e. that tasty thing' but can we become humans and let go that deer 'i.e. that tasty thing'.

Upvas is when you can control your desires and let go, on this day don't eat that pizza, burger, finger-chips, BBC, chicken lollipop, beer, etc. Control your desire and depend only on that what is needed.

A more wise way to do 'Upvas'.


Come to think of it, isn't enjoyment also a need, Imagine a person, always working for his/her family, controlling all desire just full filling need, where he can eat tasty, he eats bitter because that tasty is less nutritional and more expensive. Is that why we live? Is that why we earn? Is that why we progress? Life is to enjoy. But how much enjoyment is needed? Going for a junk/outside food every day, once in a week, once in a month, If we control too much we live a life without enjoyment, if we enjoy too much we live in our desires, with desires come addiction, with addiction comes dependency, Once you're dependent, you have to consume even if that is bad for your health.

So balance?

Human beings have a brain, we represent it with a 'tilak' on our forehead, shouldn't we use that brain to control/balance daily activities.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Evolution of entrepreneurs

Daksha type: Daksha is a king long ago, he believed in taking and giving concept, I give you something, you give something in return.

Example: There's this time when there is no way to store water. Every human being on earth, whenever they need to drink water, go the pond and with their hand, they satisfy their thirst. One day a man discovers a piece of carved wood, carved in such a way that it can store sufficient amount of water, so the man experiments and thus water was stored in that piece of wood and then he would carry back to his home. Other villagers living near by also want a piece of wood like that, so another man from the village thinks of making the same by using sand or clay. After many attempt, he makes it that can store water just like that piece of wood. So that person knowing how to build a pot became famous as all people in the village requires a pot so that they could store water at their home and travel less. But since the demand was pretty high, he was not able to cope up with both raw material and work, so he hired people and trained them, asked them to collect raw material. In return to the pot, people of village gave him something in return which is equally valued to the pot and he would also return something of same value to the people who were helping him to make high demand pots.

This was Daksha, the King.

I give you something, you give something back which is of equal return.

Indra type: Indra is a king of swarga (Heaven), He believes in the logic, zero investment, infinite returns. Indra has three wish fulfilling means, Kalpataru - A divine tree where imagined objects comes to reality, Kamadhenu - A divine cow that keep your stomach full, as she have milk always whenever anyone needs, Chintamani - A divine gem, which fulfills all wishes.

Example Continued: The pot builder is facing so much demand, but now he has become wit, he know, how to gain profit from business, he is clear that everything has a price which is determined by its value. He know his pot is in too much in value. He now know, work can be delegated and he can never work and still make profit. So, to increase profit, he increase price of that pot, to reduce investment he uses low quality raw material, does lay offs in his company of pot building, reduces salary of all the employees, he gives less returns to the investors and less or no dividend to stock brokers. He gains much profit but he also faces union problems from his workers, investor are not interested as low returns and no dividends, customer is always complaining and the pot builder is always in fear that customer may buy from other company. Pot builder is now in swarga but he faces too many problems from all around him.

The pot builder above is like King Indra of swarga, he has everything but is still unhappy.

Shiva type: Shiva is a God (Ishwar), He believes to outgrow hunger, He lives on Mount Kailash, there is no vegetation, no food to eat, he doesn't demand anything, nor does he give anything, his eyes are shut, he is an extreme tapasvi (Sage).

Example Continued:The pot builder has everything he wanted but is extreme tension all his time, tension about unions, target to meet, returns on investment, fear that customer may buy from other company, lawsuits, obligations and many more. So, one day he does a extreme thinking on his condition about his life that has become and decides to shut down the company as he is now secure financially. He shuts down the company, employees working for the company loses their jobs, investors have to settle with what they are getting, customers who depend on the pot now have to find a different suitable pot maker. The pot maker now doesn’t get anything nor does he have to give anything.

Vishnu type: Vishnu is also a God (Bhagwan), He also believes that outgrowing hunger will bring peace in mind, but he also believes in other people’s hunger. While he is secure as he has outgrown hunger, he thinks of others who are still hungry and need food to survive.

Example Continued: After some time the pot builder one day goes out on the street, he goes into a village, people there carrying water in a leaf, some carrying in a broken pot, some thirsty drank at the pond itself. The workers at his company knew how to make pots but now they didn’t have pot makers support, they didn’t have sufficient motivation given previously by pot maker. Investors with pot maker’s name, use to give resources but without its name doesn’t give anything as they believed in his product. The pot maker was now observing his subjects. He was now realising that I may have shut down myself but people around have not. He didn’t need anything because he has outgrown his hunger but people around hasn’t yet outgrown their hunger, they all need that pot to carry water to home, without that pot they were struggling. Hence, he again started his company but this time he desired nothing for himself, he desired everything for others. He focused more on his employees as they were building the pot, they need to be happy first, he focused on raw materials because of which the pot had a good quality, he focused on manual work so as to increase employment in his company, his focus was not profit, his focus was his subject, emotions attached with every little thing involved in the process. With this approach profit were following itself without any conflict, even the people who were jealous of this company, now joined with him, because now the pot maker was even thinking about them too.

This is Vishnu, he who converts Rana Bhumi (Warzone: Place where people compete and are satisfied when dominate others) to Ranga Bhumi (Play Zone: Place where people are compassionate about others, they seek knowledge when others oppose and respect their opposition).



Thursday, July 9, 2015

Change in Masses

To bring change in masses, one must make movie with Salman, Amir, Shahrukh, etc...

One must make a movie with powerful dialogs like the ones in Singam, Sholay, etc...

One must convey those dialogs that people blindly follow, like many bike accidents happened after Dhoom was released.

"Swachh Bharat is not about cleaning India's Garbage, is about not throwing garbage itself"

To make this understand many movies have to be developed, where in, Salman while doing a stunt says "Hum kachra raste pe nahi dustbin mein phekte hai".

This alone can change underdeveloped minds, as it will be a style statement. Like riding bikes in full speed became style statement after dhoom.

Friday, February 6, 2015

An idea for products made in India

We've green mark on food products which are veg and red mark on food products which are non-veg.


 Likewise if we had a mark on products, which shows product is either imported or made in India then at the time of buying we would prefer to buy Indian products.

Friday, December 19, 2014


What happens when you donate, a beggar.

When you donate money, you donate him his choice of today, He has a choice of what he does with this money.

When you donate him food, you donate him health, He eats your food, and he gets his strength.

When you donate Love, you give him hope, he today has a feeling that world is a better place to live.

When you donate him knowledge, you donate him wisdom. With that knowledge, he now can obtain a job, from that job he earns money, from that money he earns food, food he provides to his family, he earns love of his family.

Think of a person, a person on the street, you pick him up; you get him into a car training school or you get him into a cookery class or you get him into a crochet class or you get him into a English speaking class options are limitless depending on his choice.

That person you've picked has transformed to a skilled worker.

Think before you donate, go for the root of the problem and not for just the problem.